Our Flea Policy

If your dog has fleas, please let us know ahead of us commencing your appointment. We need to know this so your dog can be treated for fleas straight away. All dogs that come to the salon displaying signs of fleas will be flea washed, with control charges priced accordingly.

If your dog has fleas and you DO NOT wish for your dog to have a flea bath, you will need to treat the infestation at home and re-book your appointment for a later date, when you have eradicated all the fleas from your dog.

Controlling the Flea Cycle

Treat all dogs and cats in your household for fleas every month with a topical treatment such as Advocate or Revolution. These treatments are available in our salon, as well as from City Farmers and Better Pets and Gardens. Once the treatment is applied, emerging fleas will be killed within 18-24 hours of contact with your treated pets. Regular vacuuming of your home will assist with removal of eggs and stimulate fleas to emerge. Remember to regularly wash dog blankets and bedding in hot water (>60°C for 10 minutes). It is also advised that you avoid having untreated animals enter your home environment. Finally, reduce environmental sources of flea contamination e.g. block pet access to under the house, keep moist shady areas free from debris).